Where to send the parcel?
Send everything to Dedo Racing - Via Cavour 40, 20823 Lentate s/S (MB) - ITALY. (MB).
How to prepare the parcel for shipment?
The preparation of the package is essential. Get a new or well-preserved box that is large enough to hold the components that should not move during transport. Then fill it with packing material to protect the contents from shocks.
Do I have to put any documents inside the package?
Yes, our
Shipping Form. Please follow all instructions on the form, print it out and insert it into the package.
How to ship?

Through our Pick-up service and we will take care of the pick-up wherever you want (Italy only). Or you can send by express courier or through the Post Office.
Do you take care of the return shipment?

Of course we do. The return shipment will be made by express courier. If you prefer, you can use your own courier service for the collection.


What can I anodise?

It is possible to anodise all components made of aluminium and derived alloys such as ergal, anticorodal, avional etc. They must be machined from solid or die-cast aluminium.
What can I varnish with Cerakote®?

All materials except plastic materials can be coated with Cerakote®.

Can painted aluminium components be anodised?

Certainly, we will first take care of the paint stripping through our micro-sandblasting and micro-painting services.
Can cast parts be anodised?

Yes, cast components can be anodised in BLACKBIRD colour. However, it should be noted that the quality of anodisation depends exclusively on the quality of the casting. However, there are exceptions to this rule, which must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
How do you process the components you receive?

All components are degreased, pickled, polished, anodised, heat-treated and then thoroughly checked for defects. Our quality control department works hard to maintain high standards.
Can already anodised components be re-anodised?

Sure, they will be pickled to remove the old oxide layer and then re-anodised in the desired colour.
Can you send me components with bearings, screws, bushings, etc.?

Yes, we will take care of the mechanical part with our specialised facility. However, all components must be clean and free of adhesives and glue.
Are there any variations in tolerances following electroplating?

Yes, there may be variations of a few microns in the tolerances.
Is it normal for there to be streaks in the anodising?

Yes, some materials have striations in the anodising process. In reality, these are within the material itself and are due solely to the composition of the material. We cannot accept any responsibility for this.


How do I pay?

You can pay by either bank transfer or Postepay (Italy only).
When do I pay?

You will receive an email with all the details once the processing has been completed.
Do I have to inform you of the payment?

Yes, please send an email to our email address info@dedoracing.com with all the details certifying that the payment has been made.